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At The Process Server, we offer a wide array of services to meet all your process server needs in Arizona. Our experienced team is committed to delivering timely and accurate services that adhere to all state and local laws. 


Process Serving

Our primary service, process serving, involves delivering legal documents accurately and promptly. From summonses to subpoenas, eviction notices to court filings, we handle all types of legal documents with utmost professionalism.

Court Filings

We assist with court filings, ensuring your documents are delivered to the court clerk accurately and on time. Our team is familiar with the filing procedures and requirements of different courts in Arizona.

Skip Tracing

If an individual needs to be served but cannot be located, we offer skip tracing services. Using advanced investigative techniques and databases, we can track down individuals who are hard to find or evading service.


In cases where individuals are actively avoiding service, our team can carry out stakeouts to ensure successful delivery of documents.

Document Retrieval

We offer document retrieval services from various courts, agencies, and institutions across Arizona. This includes retrieving copies of court judgments, deeds, or other public records.

MVD Search

Our team can conduct a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) search to find vehicle ownership information, which can be instrumental in certain cases.

Rush Service

If you need a document served immediately, we offer rush service. This premium service guarantees that your document will be a priority and handled as quickly as possible.

Notary Services

We provide notary services for a variety of documents. Our notary publics are commissioned in the State of Arizona and can perform all types of notarial acts.

Why Choose The Process Server?

Choosing The Process Server means opting for a team that offers a comprehensive suite of services, employs advanced tools and technology, boasts a successful track record, and is committed to providing excellent customer service.

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